Can You Trust the Media?

So can the media be trusted? What is "fake" news vs "real" news? Unfortunately you need to be aware of what you are reading or watching and decide for yourself. If you are watching the news on TV (or your iPad) ask yourself is the person on the TV a new reporter or a Commentator giving their opinion. Today it seems that many on the TV pretend to be a news anchors but they are really giving their opinion. You have to ask yourself who is this person? For instance George Stephanopoulos of ABC news does a nice job but what is his background? He was communications director under Bill Clinton and is a registered democrat. so now how likley is it that the news won't have a political slant to it?

Is there a benifit to the company that produces the paper, magazine or show if the news is slanted one way or another? Keep in mind these huge multi national companies like Globalism and the opportunities it presents to large businesses. This goes for the social media companies as well. They are pushing to have a global reach so if they push the anti global agenda, it benifits them. The joke is that they want to be the judge of what is fake and not. They are so unbiased. Listen to what they are saying. Does it make sense what they are saying? Is it believeable? Does it make sense that the person they are talking about would do what they said he did? As an example Chris Matthews called Trump Hitlerian, meaning like Hitler. Thats a good one Chris, a man who's children are all Jewish and has jewish Grandchildren is compared to Hitler. As a matter of fact Isreal has no greater friend than president Trump. President Trump moved the US Embassy to Jerusleum after years of politicians saying it will be moved but no one willing to put up with the firestorm that will follow. please read the article Read Article