Why would anyone vote for Donald J Trump?

This was my thought process I went through before pulling the lever. For many years I have been unhappy about being promised everything by politicians and them delivering nothing. To me its important to have a strong military, its funny when you are strong nobody wants to mess with you. We have enemies that have been emboldened over the years and we need a strong military to keep them in check.

We need to close the border. We have a big issue with illegal immigrants, drugs and sex slaves coming into the US in droves. Along with them are terrorists. I hear people talk about well nothing large scale has happened since 9/11. Just because it hasn't happened yet doesn't mean it won't, can you take the chance? One evening I was at a local Dicks sporting goods looking to buy a rifle. I am talking with the sales guy and he was distracted trying to hear what is going on at the far side of the counter. At the other counter are two middle eastern men asking another sales man if this particular purchase would trigger an alert with the FBI. That caught my attention no matter who they were.

The economy is very important. We need to bring back jobs and stop all of the outsourcing and H-1B visas. If you work in one of those industries that do alot of outsourcing it kills the available job and because of the flood of non american workers coming into the country, it drives the salaries lower than they were 25 years ago. Getting the economy going and raise the GDP and bring back the jobs. Hillary bragged about increasing the H-1B visas by 300,000. How out of touch are they? I saw Marc Cuban being interviewd talking about you can't get the technical talent here. That's bull! He meant you can't get the US workers to work way below market rates like you can with foreign workers.

Healthcare - I have it through work so its not a biggie for me. Although I don't like government run anything, you know the VA and DMV. Do I want the government involved in my family's healthcare? There is so much I considered. I heard that Trump was no Presidential! I would make that #978 in order of importance. He's not PC, good! its all rediculous.

Please review the websites I reference many articles and videos that cover many topics. I will be adding to it as time goes by. I try to back up what I say. You need to do your own research, don't believe everything check it yourself. Watch some conservative and liberal news programs. Only then can you see where the differences lie.

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